Sunday, February 10, 2013

These Incredible Sketches Look Like Digital Photos

27-year-old Kelvin Okafor uses a pencil and charcoal to produce an impressive series of celebrity portraits. Yet a recent article in The Guardian posed the question, is Okafor's work really art?

Though the definition of "art" has expanded considerably in recent years, I believe there's something refreshing and humbling about an artist whose primary tools are a sharp eye and a sharp pencil. For me, these portraits should absolutely be considered art. Okafor's work instills value on the skills of looking, thinking, and really seeing.


  1. I recently found an artist who does very similar work. He does what an article called "photoreal drawings" but only uses pencil and doesn't sketch celebrities. I think it is such an interesting, creative, and amazing medium and it is really cool to see multiple artists exploring it.

    The artist I found is Diego Fazio. Here is a link to an article about him, in case you want to check him out too!

  2. Woah! Thanks, Aliera. His sketches are incredible!